January 2013 Photo-a-Day Challenge

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January 2013 

Hello, 2013! 

It's me, The Shutter Lady Bug, a lover of pale pictures, patterned stockings and lovely words. It's 2013 and I have turned into an anything goes type of lady. This time, I want to host a 2013 Photo-a-Day Challenge that could entertain you, bloggers and me. Being creative and inspiring other people are in my life list and I figured this move could earn both a strikethrough. I am trying my hardest to give you a photo challenge with a twist. So, bear with me. ;) Now, lovelies, let us capture January.


  1. Make a blog post saying that you want to join The Shutter Lady Bug's January 2013 Challenge. 
  2. Include a link to this blog post in your blog entry. 
  3. Add up your blog post url below so that I and the other participants could come visit your blog, make comments and the likes. 
  4. You can include The Shutter Lady Bug's Photo-a-Day (PAD) Challenge 2013 logo which can be found on the footer. I will be making up a code for your convenience. :) Please be patient.
That's it! You are now registered in this challenge. Simple, huh?


Lacking inspiration for the daily challenge? Don't get my theme for the day? Read on for some tips and ideas which could spark up your own imagination for your photo. :)

1. Leftover fireworks. From where I am, I can still find pile of leftover fireworks on New Year's morning. They're mostly garbage, but posting them could make people realize that we do need to clean up the morning after. It's a new year after all.
2. You with the word that you hope 2013 will be. Self-portrait with a twist. Write the word on a piece of paper or on a glass using a neon pen, whatever you wish. Hold it out and let someone take your picture.
3. Snapshot of your 2013 goals. Write down your goals in your planner, if you have one. If not, on a piece of paper. Then, click away. Keep the paper.
4. Calendar. Focus on Jan 4th. Blur the others. This is to remind you to always focus on the present because you cannot change your past, but you can always do something now to make a better tomorrow.
5. Dew on Leaf. Yes, you have to wake up early to catch those water droplets on the grass or on small little leaves. If you can't find any, improvise! Drop water on a leaf. =D
6. The number 1. Be creative. It may be the tall building you're reporting to everyday. Or a lighted candle. Anything that resembles the number 1.
7. Something you desire today. It can be anything. Sleep. Chocolates. Or a nail polish color.
8. Remaining Christmas Decors on the street. My country has the longest Christmas celebration. I am pretty sure you can find a tad trace of Christmas somewhere.
9. Your morning face. I am sorry, darling, but you have to. No cheating, okay? No blush or concealer. Just your morning face. Uhm, okay you may comb your hair. 
10. Your bed before you leave it. Be honest. Don't be shy to take a pic of it. Whether you fold your blakies or leave them toiling around. 
11. An instant upper. The one thing that cheered you up today. Coffee?
12. Clock. Enough said. It may be your watch or the thing that you carry around your neck.
13. Stairs. Enough said again. 
14. Balloons. Any shape, size. Can be floating or on the floor.
15. Item(s) you bought this month. Have you splurged yet?
16. Your desk/anywhere you work/study. You get it.
17. Sunrise. You have to wake up early again today. ;)
18. Your shoes, before you take them off after a long day. You may have them displayed on the stairs or you can take a pic while you're still wearing it.
19. Highest peak from where you are. Mountain. Tree. Building. 
20 Something that you would never try. (Bungee Jump, rollercoaster, etc.). You always have that something that you wouldn't try as I have enumerated. Or are you afraid of falling in love? Haha. Then, draw it if it's intangible. 
21. Something that you would never eat. Frogs?
22. Something that you are saving for. It may be a house, laptop or a trip!
23. Candid picture of somebody you love. Your mom, boyfriend, friend. Preferably they're smiling. :)
24. Dusk. Outdoorsy picture. When it starts to get dark outside. I wanna see what you see everyday during that time.
25. Your breakfast. Don't miss it. It's the most important meal of the day.
26. Tiny flower. Artificial or natural. Preferably, the latter.
27. Puppy. He/She may be yours. Or that cutesy pup on the dog shop.
28. Seeds in a fruit. You have to eat a fruit today. 
29. Feather/s. On a chicken. Earring. Inside your pillow?
30. Your best self portrait this month. Go find it!
31. You plus the word that described January. Again, it's you plus that word on a piece of paper. 

12 Responses so far.

  1. I will surly be joining. And I will add the link once I get to my computer as I am reading this from my phone. I am so excited.

  2. Hi, Myria! Thanks for your interest. Feel free to add up. Badge will be out soon!

  3. Hi new to this blogger world... but I want to say I love the creative photo challenge. I honestly say this will be a challenge for me. A. Capturing these days and B. Finding/remembering time. :) do you can if I share this on instagram?

  4. Hi, Sarah. Welcome to the fun world of blogging! Go with your pace in this challenge. No pressure. :) You can do it!

    OOh, thanks for pointing out day 11. Will be revising the pic. And with the instagram inquiry, I'll be figuring out how to integrate the pics in there. I am really planning for a sort of album for each month. Will keep you guys posted! :)

    Thanks for your interest!

  5. What does "Dew on Leaf" mean?

  6. Dew drops on a leaf. You know the moist in the morning, it creates water droplets on leaves. Should do an elaborate details on this one. Thanks for the idea though :)

  7. Emma Jane says:

    This sounds really awesome and fun. I'm definitely going to be doing this. I'm not sure how to link up exactly though.. do I have to create a post for Jan 2013 to join up? And then go back and edit that post?

  8. I would love to join roomie :D

  9. Thanks for those who joined! Thanks, roomie!:)

  10. You're welcome! Thanks din pala for the new light bulb sa room :D

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